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Quality Control Measures


Keeping your business clean is our business. Clean and well-kept facilities enhance corporate image and provide a healthy environment for clients and employees. Therefore, we employ the following quality control measures to ensure that you receive the best service for your money :



quality of work is maintained by constant monitoring and inspections. Our site supervisor will visit the site 2-4 times per week to ensure proper cleaning practices are being used. This helps us to ensure we provide you with top notch service.


Site book

We will provide a site book in which you can note down deficiencies for correction or service requests. It is a mandatory requirement for our custodial staff to check the site book daily and correct deficiencies promptly.


Trained Janitorial Staff

We will provide you with stable janitorial staff. They will be trained specifically to the cleaning needs for your dealership.

Supervisory Staff

We have four company supervisors who are all trained for every work site. This provides you with full coverage in case one of the supervisors goes on vacation.


Monthly Reports

We employ “OUR FAST STANDARD” for each job site. This standard ensures that you receive consistent top notch service. Upon your request we can submit monthly janitorial report(s).



We are continuously looking for ways to improve our service for each job site. To that effect your feedback is very important for us to ensure we excel in taking care of your cleaning needs. Your feedback is relayed back to all the supervisors and the site janitorial staff which helps them to further ensure that we meet your expected needs.