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Our People

Our People making the difference - one facility at a time


Employee Performance

Our reputation rests on the performance of our employees. We go to great lengths to train, retrain and continuously advise our employees on cleaning techniques and methods.


Effective Communications

We convey our customer concerns, questions, requests promptly and effectively to our employees. This helps our employees to fulfill our customers expectations in a timely manner. In addition, our employees take a proactive approach to cleaning by finding and addressing potential problems which further helps to improve the quality of service being provided.


We strive to be the employer of choice. We are selective in our hiring practices. We conduct comprehensive screening process to ensure that the most qualified and trustworthy people are caring for your facility.


Work Quality

Quality of work is further maintained by constant monitoring and inspections. Our site supervisors closely monitor the progress and quality of work to ensure consistency.


Employee Recognition

The key to employee development and retention is to provide positive motivation. A job well done and our employee commitment are recognized and encouraged through incentives and bonuses.